IPL Pulsed Light Treatment

Pulsed Light Treatment (IPL™) in Melbourne

Through the course of time, your skin loses it’s firm, clear as well as youthful appearance. This is the natural aging process. As time passes, skin thins, ends up being damaged or even loses its natural elasticity.

Besides the natural process of getting older, stress, exposure to the sun and certain lifestyle elements causes pigmented spots to appear and also the little veins in the face, referred to as capillaries, to break, showing up as red blotches. Lots of people suffer from “age spots” as well as broken capillaries. Fortunately there is an easy and quick way to treat these all too typical skin conditions, that doesn’t require surgery.

Pulsed light treatments – utilising a differing wavelength from that employed for rejuvenation – may also be used for permanent hair reduction. The Cutera Prowave is so effective that, typically, only 6 treatments are needed to produce the required result on any part of the body. For women, this can be the armpits, upper lip and chin, bikini line. For men, this can be the shoulders and back or maybe even to decrease a heavy beard. Put an end to having to shave twice each day – or to waxing – once and for all!

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