What is it about anti wrinkle injections that everyone loves?

Are wrinkles the symbol of wisdom? No, that’s not true. Wrinkles tell others that you are not aware of  wrinkle injections the way it works and the effect it has.  They are a wonderful example of poison that by means of science turns into medicine. Here some tips everyone should know about one of the most popular procedure in modern cosmetology and plastic surgery.

What are anti wrinkle injections ?

BotoxAnti Wrinkle injections are specially purified and weakened neurotoxin, used in cosmetology to combat facial wrinkles. Anti Wrinkle injections is an example of when the poison in the hands of scientists turns into the drug. The preparation of special thin needle is injected into the muscle beneath the skin. The procedure lasts no more than 20 minutes under local anesthesia in skin anesthetic. Anti Wrinkle injections prevents entry of nerve impulses to muscles, as a result it stops the muscle contractions.

Within 7 days the result will be clearly seen. A face becomes clean and smooth. Without wrinkles! The effect ofAnti Wrinkle injections is preserved for six months, after which the procedure can be repeated.  No special preparation or treatment needed for Anti ageing injections. Still it is highly recommended to consult beautician beforehand.

Why are there wrinkles?

It is considered that wrinkles and youth are not compatible. However, it is not so. Wrinkles are unfamiliar, perhaps, only the newborn. Already with 20 years on the face may be noticeable “life line”. Exacerbated by the formation of wrinkles characteristic habits: wrinkle the forehead, frown, laugh style. Frequent washing as well as the negative impact of the environment (wind, dry or moist air, the sharp fluctuations in temperature) resulted in skin condition.

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